Our volunteers strive each week to share God's love in a safe environment by using age appropriate activities. Infants and toddlers play in our nursery while three through five year olds have a more structured lesson, including a Bible story, games, and a craft to take home. Each month we have a different big idea that the lessons center around and a memory verse for the kids to learn. Examples of some of these big ideas they have focused on lately are "I can love God", "God gives me good friends", and "God made everything".  

1st-5th Grade

Much like the preschoolers, elementary students have a focus thought for each month that the lessons and memory verse support. These are taught through Bible lessons accompanied by  various activities to help reinforce the concept each week. Activities include games, crafts, and other projects. Recently lessons have focused on hope and perseverance, being content with what we have, and faith.

What will your child be learning?

Here at Restore, we teach Rkids the Bible the Orange way.  

Because we only have 1 hour a week with your kids, we hope to partner with so that we have the greatest impact possible on your children's lives.  Please click here to learn more about Orange, and to download the resources above in your child's age range so we can teach them Biblical truths and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.