Our Vision

Restoring Lives    Restoring Relationships    Restoring Communities

We live in a messed up world that God longs to restore. The very reason that he sent Jesus was so that all of creation could be restored back to him. We long to be a part of that restoration by sharing God’s love with Southwest Omaha. 

Our vision is:

Restoring Lives  It starts with us. We start a life-long journey of restoration when we choose to accept God’s grace and begin following Jesus. As we grow, our lives are transformed to become more like Christ. 

Restoring Relationships  It doesn’t stop with our individual lives. God longs for us to have healthy relationships where we can encourage each other to be more like Jesus. We do this by loving our neighbors–which includes our family, our friends, and even our enemies. At Restore, we have a huge heart for families. We long for every child to grow up in a home where they regularly see and hear about God’s love through their parents. We want to help every parent to learn how they can raise their children to become God’s world changers. 

Restoring Communities  God’s love is too great to keep to ourselves. We want to partner with whoever we can, as much as we can for the common good of communities both here at home and all around the world. Our church will continually call our people to look outside of ourselves to see how we can be a blessing to those who are in need of the hope of Christ. We will specifically equip our neighborhood groups to see needs around them and to respond with God’s love.Jesus saw the inherent worth of every individual that he came across.


  • We strive to live out the whole gospel of Jesus. Christ longs to restore all of creation. Therefore, will constantly evaluate our church against the whole of scripture to see where we are lacking and then address that area, especially when it makes us uncomfortable. 
  • We exist for the good of the community. We don’t cater to certain preferences within the church, but rather to the needs of those around us. Therefore, we sacrifice our personal preferences for the greater mission of the church and seek to be contributors, not consumers. 
  • We choose to do a few things well. Doing too many things will get us off vision. We will only do things that are strategically designed to best reach our community. 
  • We love the next generation. We will always put a priority on nurturing the faith of emerging generations and make sacrifices in order to effectively help them to live out the mission of Jesus. 
  • We are a reproducing church. We will be intentional about multiplying ourselves and investing in people to help bring about their God- given potential through both spiritual formation and hands on training for service in every area of the church and community.